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"Absolutely the best broiler-roaster pan ever created."

"The best roasting pan you will ever buy."

"1000 times better than the broiler pan
that came free with my oven."

Inventive pan eases cleanup"  Houston Chronicle

"The best results I've ever had, and I'm a darned good cook."

"I LOVE this pan.  Retired chef who hates doing dishes."

"Tomorrow, I throw out the old broiler pan."

The WaterBroiler® - WaterRoaster™ Pan
Registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office
Transforms Broiling and Roasting
From a Hateful, Yucky Nightmare into

A Lovable Cooking Dream Come True.
Believe it or not, You Can Now
Broil Hamburgers And Roast a Chicken
With No More Smoke in Your Kitchen!

And, With No More Splatters.
No More Flare-ups!
No More Bake-ons.
No More Hateful Scrubbing Ever.

"Ahhhh...To Broil Again"

"The Best Broiler Pan on the Planet
Each time we use it we smile."
Bryan D***, Lake Oswego, Oregon

"What a wonderful invention!
I never used my broiler because I hated the smoke,
flare-up, and worst of all..cleaning the pan afterwards!
Now that I have a WaterBroiler,
I use my broiler all the time!
No smoke, no flare-ups, and clean-up is too easy!"
RBTemp posted his review at

Amazing WaterBroiler - WaterRoaster Pan Makes Broiling and Roasting A Total Joy. 18/8 Stainless Steel is One of the Three Secrets Which Makes it Work Wonders.
By Lee Drannan Smithson,
I invented this amazing broiler-roaster pan
after I made a shocking cooking discovery.

ALL broiling and roasting problems are caused by
ill-conceived broiler pans and roasting pans
like those hateful ones in your kitchen.

The broiler pan that came "free" with your oven
is the prime example of an ill-conceived pan.

ALL your hateful broiling
problems are CAUSED BY hateful
broiler pans like the hateful one below. 

That cheaply made perforated sheet metal rack
on your broiler pan is the MAIN Broiling Culprit.

Virtually ALL the smoke, splatter, flare-ups
and bake-ons come from drippings that puddle on
that HOT, ill-conceived perforated sheet metal rack.

Broiled foods, per se, are innocent.
Only a trivial, almost undetectable, amount of
smoke and splatter comes directly from the meat.

Most roasting pans are ill-conceived because
they are made of "good" heat conducting metals like
aluminum, copper, porcelain steel, and clad metals.

Once I discovered Those Hateful Pans were the only
problem with broiling and roasting, I was able
to invent The Pan which is guaranteed
To Solve All Your Broiling and Roasting Problems.

Here's How To Use
The WaterBroiler-WaterRoaster Pan

(1)  Pour 1 1/2 cups of cold tap water into the pan before
broiling and roasting.
That's about 1/4 inch of water.
Fear not, the water will not steam the food.  Here's why:
Water has a "high specific heat" which means it takes more
heat to heat water than most other compounds or substances.
That's the scientific basis for the expression,"A watched pot
never boils."

I Trademarked My Pan
The WaterBroiler-WaterRoaster Pan
after I discovered that water placed in the
pan prior to Broiling AND Roasting had a
Profound Taste and Cleaning Benefit.

The poor heat conduction of the 18/8 Stainless Steel helps
keep the water below the
boiling point, and the heat
reflecting mirror finish of the pan
helps, too. It takes over
2 hours in a 350 degree oven for the water to reach the
boiling point. The water has a big taste benefit also. The
water slightly evaporates to add a beneficial amount of
moisture to the oven to keep the food juicy and succulent.
(2) Place the 18/8 Stainless Steel wire rack on TOP of the pan.
The rack sets down about 1/4 of an inch around the tightly rolled
rim of the pan so it won't slip off, but it can be removed instantly.
The rack on top of the pan keeps the food elevated for more
uniform roasting and leaves room in the drip pan for the water
and drippings.

(3) Place the meat, poultry, or fish on TOP of the rack.

(4) Broil UNDER your oven broiler or Roast IN your 350
degree oven the ideal roasting temperature.
Roasting at 500 degrees is insane. It does not "seal in the
juices," it cooks out the juices! High temperature roasting
is ill-advice with no factual basis.  I have roasted over
2000 chickens at 350 degrees, and they turned out perfectly.

The WaterBroiler-WaterRoaster Pan is believed to be the
first properly
designed broiler - roaster pan. Both the drip pan
and the wire rack are made of
"poor" heat conducting 18/8 Stainless
Steel, the perfect metal
for a broiler-roaster pan that does not need
to get HOT to
cook perfectly. The 18/8 Stainless Steel Wire Rack
is the main secret because it allows virtually ALL the fat drippings
to INSTANTLY drop through the rack into the drip pan..

What does water have to do with it?  Pour one and one-half cups of cold
tap water into the pan before broiling and roasting to catch the fat drippings.
The water prevents the drippings from sticking and prevents bake-ons
in the pan. The water also evaporates slightly (does NOT steam) to add a
beneficial amount of moisture to the oven to keep foods juicy and succulent
while the food is browning beautifully.

You truly can broil six hamburgers with No Smoke, No Splatter,
No Flare-ups, and No Scrubbing!

The WaterBroiler cleans in about 37 seconds with No Scrubbing Ever.
It even fits IN your divided sink, IN your dish rack, IN your dishwasher.
I recommend a soft dish brush to clean the pan and rack. NEVER
touch the pan with a green pad or steel-wool.  You don't need to.

The WaterBroiler-WaterRoaster Pan is totally unlike any
broiler-roaster pan you have ever used.

guarantee you will LOVE my PAN or I'll buy it back from you within
one year after purchase! There is one condition. You must return the
the pan in "used" condition because you won't believe how well it
works, how easy it is to clean, and how great the food tastes until
you use it.

My revolutionary pan makes healthy, virtually fat-free, broiling and
roasting easy. The WaterBroiler-WaterRoaster Pan will save you a lot
of toil and trouble, and it will reduce your fat intake automatically without
effort. It is so effortless to use and clean,  it's perfect even for singles and
couples, and yet, it holds six hamburgers, half-a-ham for a crowd,
a ten pound turkey, or a prime rib roast for eight hardy eaters.

The WaterBroiler-WaterRoaster Pan CONSISTS OF TWO PIECES:
An 18/8 Stainless Steel 12" diameter Pan (not including handles)
and an 18/8 Stainless Steel Wire Rack that
fits on TOP of the pan--
that will not slip off--but lifts-off instantly. The wire rack is essential
a Smoke-Free, Splatter-Free, Flame-Free, Scrub-Free
Broiler-Roaster Pan. It allows virtually ALL the drippings to instantly
DROP into the drip pan away
from the rack.

A Free Recipe Booklet Will Be Included
With Your WaterBroiler-WaterRoaster Pan Order.

This pan is so useful and works so well you can use it for
ONE FULL YEAR without risking one cent.  My ONE YEAR
WAYS says I am confident you will love it.  There is only one
condition:  You must return the pan in "used" condition
because if you do not try it, you will not see for yourself
that all of my promises are true! 

If I haven't convinced you yet to order this pan, please go
to my other website,
http://www.waterbroiler.com to read
more about it and to read some of the thousand unsolicited
testimonials from cooks and chefs who have written that it
is "amazing", it works "wonderfully" and that they "LOVE IT." 

The Forkula® Tongs
is an innovative tool I invented to instantly turn
broiled food cooked on my WaterBroiler Pan

The Forkula is ALSO the best tool ever created for your BBQ grill.
It replaces the silly barbecue tool "set" that doesn't work. That's
why there are several tools in the "set." None of them were
designed to turn grilled food. They are simply "kitchen tools"
that are bundled together that should have stayed IN the kitchen.

One customer wrote, "It is a new experience
to be able to turn broiled food without having
to pull the pan out from under my broiler."

I've sold thousands as a stand-alone BBQ Tool.
The  Forkula is made of 100% 18/8 Stainless Steel.
It's dishwasher safe.
It is 16" long to keep your
hand away from the heat.

The Forkula works great for turning hamburgers
and even thin sausage patties for breakfast
   which you can broil with no smoke and no splatter!
The Forkula is also great for turning fragile fish
and even broiled onion slices for your hamburgers
without the onion slices falling apart.
 I hope I have convinced you to try my
 WaterBroiler-WaterRoaster Pan in your own kitchen to
prove to yourself that all of my incredible claims are true.

I highly recommend you add the Forkula to your order
because, they too, are a revolutionary cooking invention.
They are only $15.  They will last a lifetime.  And, there
is no additional postage when you buy the WaterBroiler Pan.
The WaterBroiler/Forkula Tongs set is $65.00 plus
  $10.00 shipping by Priority Mail anywhere in the U.S.A.,
including Hawaii and Alaska.
That's a bargain. Here's another shipping bargain.

  Order more than one pan or more than one set
(the set for $65 makes the perfect wedding gift)
and shipping is still just $10.00 for the shipment.

 The WaterBroiler-WaterRoaster Pan
Without the Forkula Tongs
is $50 plus $10.00 postage.

The Forkula is $15.00 plus
$5.00 postage if ordered without the pan.

The pan and tongs can be purchased separately, but
  I highly recommend you buy the set.

I promise my WaterBroiler-WaterRoaster Pan will be
the best investment you will ever make for a
cooking pan or cooking device.

One gentleman phoned and ordered eight sets.
He said, "I have eight (grown) kids, and they all want one!"

"I wouldn't trade your pan for a microwave!"

The WaterBroiler-WaterRoaster Pan and Forkula Tongs
will give you lifetime of broiling and roasting pleasure
for the cost of one meal in a good restaruant.

No Sales Tax, except for Ohio Residents.

To order the WaterBroiler Pan and/or the Forkula Tongs, you may pay with a PayPal account OR PayPal will process your order using any credit card or eCheck.

You may also call us Toll Free at 1-800-227-7066 between 9:00 AM and 11:00 PM, Eastern Standard Time, 7 days a week to order with  Visa or MasterCard or Discover..

If you charge your purchase to a credit card, it will appear on your statement as "PayPal-Drannan Cookware."

WaterBroiler-WaterRoaster Pan/Forkula Tongs
is $65 plus just $10.00 postage.

The WaterBroiler-WaterRoaster Pan by itself is
 $50 plus $10.00 Postage.

The Forkula Tongs are $15.00 plus
$5.00 postage if ordered without the pan.

The pan and tongs can be purchased separately,
I highly recommend the SET.

Shipping by Priority Mail is just $10.00  anywhere in
the U.S.A., including Hawaii and Alaska.

Order more than one pan or more than one set
(the set for $65 makes the perfect wedding gift)
and shipping is just $10.00 for the entire
shipment if shipped to the same address
in the United States.

Shipments from Dayton Ohio to Canada
by International First Class Mail

have dramatically risen in cost this year, 2016, from
$22.10 to $35.50.  My website is set up to charge all
customers $10.00.  Canadians will be initially charged
$10.00 when they buy on my website.  They will be
invoiced the additional charge of $25.50 after they order.

Shipping of more than One WaterBroiler Pan/Forkula Tongs
Sets will cost more.  E-Mail me for actual
shipping costs if you order more than one set.

Shipping to other countries will be invoiced
the actual shipping charge using PayPal.

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SHIPPING/HANDLING of a WaterBroiler OR a WaterBroiler/Forkula Set is $10.00

The Forkula Tongs are $15.00 each plus $5.00 shipping/handling for one Forkula if they are ordered WITHOUT the WaterBroiler Pan. Order two or more Forkulas and shipping is just $5.00 for the entire shipment.

Order one or more WaterBroiler Pan(s) AND one or more WaterBroiler Pan/Forkula Tongs SETS and the shipping/handling is just $10.00 for the ENTIRE SHIPMENT--if they are ordered at the same time and they are all shipped to one mailing address in the United States. E-mail us for shipping costs outside U.S.A. Canadian shipments are $35.50 for the WaterBroiler Pan or the Pan/Forkula SET.
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For many years, my pan, my rack, and my tongs were made in the U.S.A.
Unfortunately, the cost of making them in the U.S.A. reached my selling price
a few years ago, and I was forced to have them made overseas to keep them at
an affordable price.  They are now made exclusively for me in India. The high
quality of the items is the same as they were when made in the U.S.A.  All three
pieces are made of high quality 18/8 Stainless Steel to last for generations.

The WaterBroiler® and Forkula® trademarks have been used continuously since
October 1, 1975, and they are Registered in the United States Patent and Trademark
Office. The WaterRoaster™ trademark has also been used for over 30 years to identify
that I, Lee Drannan Smithson, dba Drannan Cookware Co., is the source of my products.

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